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      [Pg 51]

      He signed the letter to Lord Inverbroom and sent the boy back with it.

      The empty sparsely-lit streets streamed by him, and it seemed that the earth seemed to be swiftly spinning below him; he just marked time as it turned. The night-wind of spring both cooled and intoxicated him, he felt surer and surer of the success of his errand as he went, and at the same time practical considerations occurred to him. Her brother would be in the house; it was still not late, and probably they would be together. Charles understood enough, so she had told him, to make him sanction her departure; now, when Keeling had seen her, he would understand more. Charles perhaps would open the door to him, for their two servants would have gone to bed, or be{322} out for Saturday night, and Keeling would say to him, I must see your sister. That was what he would say; and Charles, understanding enough, would see the justice of that demand of love.

      Frank asked if the Doctor saw any buffaloes in his first journey, and if he ever went on a buffalo-hunt.


      Doctor Bronson listened to the appeal of the boys, and when they were through he took a toothpick from his pocket and settled back in his chair in the parlor of the hotel.



      "Quite right," responded the Doctor; "it is a machine used in every country where Buddhism is the religion."THIRD-CLASS PASSENGERS. THIRD-CLASS PASSENGERS.